A little bit more about me…

Hey! I’m Laura, mother of an almost 10 month old baby boy. I’m so excited to start this yoga teaching journey!

I grew up in Durham, NC, and went to Lenoir-Rhyne University, where I got a degree in Teaching for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I moved back to the local area and taught 7 years for the public school system. There I taught elementary school students, all of which used spoken language to communicate, helping them with listening and language skills as well as teaching all of the core subjects.

At the end of my 7 year stint of teaching, I married my husband who was currently serving in the military. He was stationed in Newport News, VA area, so I sold my house, quit my job teaching, moved, and found out that I was pregnant! I was very fortunate to benefit from a military spouse program which allowed me to take my 200hr yoga teacher training at Zenya Yoga in Newport News, VA during my pregnancy. Going through my teacher training during this time was perfect synchronicity, as I dove into my practice physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This helped me through the many ups and downs (I mean joys) of pregnancy.  Very early on in my pregnancy, I decided that having an unmedicated birth was my top priority. I dove into Hypnobirthing techniques, with the help of my amazing doula, who helped me every step of the way. At the same time, going through my teacher training, I quickly made many connections between what I was learning about mindfulness and breathing techniques and Hypnobirthing techniques. I also decided to arm myself with birthing knowledge, and read anything I could get my hands on about birth and labor. After having my son, and my birth experience (future post yet to come!) I was truly transformed as a yogi and a mama.

A few months after my son was born, my husband was at the end of his term of military service, and we decided to move back to the Raleigh/Durham area. Through pure synchronicity, in the myst of our move, I was able to take my 85hr prenatal teacher training with Whole Mama Yoga at Carrboro Yoga Company. This training added to my current knowledge of pregnancy, yoga, birth, babies, and so much more, at a very important time in my life, as a postnatal mama continuing to heal.

From pregnancy to prenatal training, can you believe this all happened over the course of a year?!

I’m looking forward to sharing what I have learned through this process with other pregnant and postnatal mamas 🙂

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