Facebook Detox Week 1: Reflections

I’ve been off of Facebook for one week, and 3 days, and I’m still alive!

What does it feel like? The best analogy I could come up with by day 2 was this:  it’s like breaking up with an old boyfriend. You really liked the idea of this guy, but you actually didn’t like the guy himself. So when all of the sudden you have free time, you miss hanging out with him, but don’t really miss him. There’s some sort of void there, and you recognize it, and try to find something else to fill that void.

What have I been doing to fill that void? Interestingly enough, I got really sick this past week, so I had a lot of resting time. I found myself typing “fac..” into my browser 3 times just out of habit, then deleting it, closing my browser, and trying to find something else to do.( Luckily, even if I would’ve typed facebook in, I’ve blocked myself from it, so I’m covered there!) Since I was sick, I wasn’t able to be as productive as I would’ve liked, but I was able to listening to a lot of podcasts, knit, read books, and read the news. Hey, it’s something!

Overall, one thing I know for sure is that doing this detox has been the best thing for me. This next week will be more “normal” so I am hoping I’ll continue to see more benefits!

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