I Survived my Facebook Detox! And what I learned…

*Learn more about why I did my Facebook detox here.


I did it! I got off of Facebook completely for 31 days. There’s some things that I’ve gained, and some things that I missed out on. What I know for sure is that I have a completely different mindset about social media moving forward.

Here’s what I learned:

1) It really was a weight lifted off of my shoulders

I realized after week 1 that Facebook has become so much more of a habit than I realized. That being said, the absence of Facebook was like a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I didn’t need to worry about checking my business page engagement, look to see if I had any new likes, or be taunted by notifications that lured me into mindless scrolling.

Which leads me to….

2) I gained time for other things

This ended up being a positive and a negative, actually. On a positive note, with my new-found time, I was able to read two books (and one of them had 500 something pages!) which I am confident wouldn’t have been done if I had Facebook distractions. I also took more time to journal during the month, which was a great benefit. On a not so positive note, I did end up filling my “void” with reading news, and to be honest, the news is overwhelmingly negative no matter the platform. While I agree that it’s important to be up to date on current events, I’m still trying to determine the happy balance between blissful ignorance and fearfully informed.

3) I was able to be present in some awesome moments

There’s this weird thing that happens when we are on social media: we experience something amazing, and we feel like we have to take a pic, and post it for everyone to like and comment. (Please, stroke my ego!) I’ve always had the sense that this takes away from my experiences – worrying about taking a “good” picture, what text to include, etc.

One of my awesome experiences this month was going to a Trevor Hall concert at a local indie venue. During the concert, I realized that I was present, in the moment, not worried about taking a great pic for posting. In the next moment, I was challenged with the desire to share my concert experience on social media. After the fact, I’m glad I was able to be present in the moment, enjoying the experience. It ended up being a concert I will return to while I listen to his music often.

In that same week, I went to Yogafest, which is a local all day yoga event put on by the non-profit You Call This Yoga. I had a blast! While it would have been great to take tons of pics and post them for my business, there was comfort in the freedom of being able to take in the experience, no expectations attached. (Wait, isn’t this our goal when we do yoga?!)

4) Some businesses only post important info and events on Facebook

There were a handful of times during the month that important announcements and events were posted on Facebook, and when I tried to access them my blocking software let me know it. Luckily, this never became a huge problem, but it was an interesting observation.

5) You don’t have to be on Facebook to stay connected

Granted, there were many social situations that started with something along the lines of “Well, I know you’re not on Facebook, so you haven’t seen ________.” To be honest, this didn’t bother me. Everyone that I care about, I still spent time with and made time to talk to on the phone/text during the month. Being on Facebook wasn’t essential for me to stay connected.

6) I did completely miss some friend’s birthdays (oops…)

Let’s be honest. Without Facebook, remembering many of our friend’s birthdays becomes a lot more challenging. Sigh.


So, what was it like to get back on Facebook on April 1st?

Honestly, I realized really quickly that I didn’t miss much of anything. My FOMO was shot down in a solid minute. I had to sort through hundreds of notifications. My energy was sucked out of me doing this. Then I was quickly reminded why I gave it up in the first place…

How will this change my relationship with Facebook moving forward?

I’ve decided to set some boundaries moving forward. I will continue to keep the Facebook app off of my phone (as well as Instagram) and only access the website on my computer during dedicated times during the day. Hopefully, this way, I will be able to keep my mindless scrolling to a minimum and be purposeful with my engagements and posts on my business page.


I do think this detox has helped me have a spark of creativity, and with that I have some great content in the works, and I’ll be posting about them on the blog very soon!



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