About Goddess Mama Yoga

A Little About Laura

I had the opportunity to take yoga teacher training while I was pregnant with my son, which helped me truly experience the benefits of prenatal yoga throughout my pregnancy. This also helped me to use mindfulness and breathing techniques successfully during labor. After having my son, I began to realize the importance for moms to practice self care during such a sleep deprived and chaotic time.

Why Goddess Mama Yoga?

While I was in labor with my son, I came prepared with my meditation practice, breathing techniques, and an awesome doula. With all of my training and the help of my doula, I was able to keep a very calm and relaxed environment throughout my labor. My midwife, that was overseeing my care during this time, quickly referred to me as a “birthing goddess” referring to my very relaxed and in control nature, while unmedicated. Also, I had gotten belly henna done shortly before labor, which added a goddess-like quality to my experience.